Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Get To Meet Kennan!

Hey Everybody!
How are you all doing? Things are going well here. We just got back from a hike and picnic with the zone. That was way fun. And we have played some basketball this morning so that was way fun too. And tonight we get to go to the Thomas' so I'm pretty excited for that.
Its been a really good week this week. We just got a new investigator named Grey Davis. He is a guy that was there when we went to help someone move because he is the friend of the member that wanted us to help someone move. Then he came to church last week and this week and he taught him the restoration on Wednesday and he loved it! He said that 80 percent of the truth isn't enough for him, he needs it all. And he totally agrees with the idea of the great apostasy so he is reading the Book of Mormon this week and we are gonna meet again this Wednesday and invite him to be baptized. I'm really excited about him.
And you guys know about Kennan. I am so excited for you guys! He does have a few pictures of me and him and also Elder Fuller and I think there is also a picture of Grey on there too. He is the big darker guy in the grey suit. But we talked to him about baptism last week but he said that he was going to take his time investigating and stuff but we are going to get him a calling in the ward and keep him active and everything. He is going to be baptized. Its just a matter of time.
Mom that letter was so weird. Did Kennan tell you to say all that stuff because that all sounds exactly like him. But I laughed so thanks. I'm having a great birthday, thanks so much for the package and everything it came on Saturday but I wasn't home to sign for it so I didn't get it until this morning. But thank you so much, I cant wait for my cheesecake tonight!
Well I love you all and seriously I am so so excited for you guys to meet Kennan, he is like the coolest person ever. You will all love him. Have a great week!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(Letter written 4/30/12)
Update from the slacker Mom: 
After a long period of negligence, I am finally catching up with the mission blog. I want to start with posting some photos of Elder Harbold, Elder Benner (his trainer), Elder Fuller and Kennan Blehm (his favorite investigator).
Elder Benner & Elder Harbold - March 2012

Elder Harbold & Elder Benner - March 2012

Elders Harbold & Benner - March 2012

Kennan Blehm - March 2012

Elder Fuller & Elder Harbold - April 2012

Kennan Blehm & Elder Harbold - April 2012

Elder Harbold - April 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Way Less Weird

Hey Everybody!
How are you all doing? Things are going pretty well down here. It's been 90 degrees the past few days, but it's supposed to start raining again later this week. I am liking the heat more than the cold. It's pretty good when it's warm.
Mom, you were asking about Elder Fuller, and it's going ok with him, but he has a hard time doing stuff. He still has 8 months left but he is already home mentally. It's a huge battle to get him up on time, out of the apartment by 10 and to not come back like 20 times a day. It can be so hard, especially with my naturally lazy personality, to keep on top of it and just not do anything all day. But I have been able to for the most part keep him out and busy all day, which is really cool for me because I'm proving to myself that I'm out here and I'm taking it seriously even when its hard. So this is probably a good thing for me. Besides, there is like a 95% chance that I am getting transferred in 2 weeks anyway. But ya we will see how it goes.

Kennan is doing well, it's actually been a while since we have been able to meet with him. He canceled our meeting on Wednesday because he had to work late because he is doing some training stuff at work and so he wasn't able to make it. Then he was really sick yesterday so he didn't make it to church either, but its no big deal, he is still on fire and we aren't worried about losing him. We stopped by his place to give him a Chinese Book of Mormon because he wanted to give one to his friend. I'm pretty sure that he knows that the church is true, he just doesn't realize it yet, so we are going to talk to him about it on Thursday.
A couple of weeks ago we were helping a guy in our ward named Volark move an older lady named Anna. Also helping her were some guys from her church. Yesterday Volark brought one of them to church and we have an appointment to meet with him and Volark on Wednesday! His name is Grey and he is super awesome. We were talking to him after church and asked him how he liked it, and he said that he really enjoyed it. He liked the order of things and it was way less weird then he thought a Mormon church would be. So we are pretty excited to meet with him.
So that's about all that I have for this week. Thank you all for every thing that you all do, it means so much to me. I love you all and hope you all are well!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
P.S. I don't have any of those mo tab cd's that you asked me about but you did send my not your mothers cd's. And if you could add one more thing, those red and green exercise bands that I got in jr. high. I'm not quite sure where they are but Joseph might know. Thanks so so much! And the reason we were at the mission office was to talk to Elder Boras, our vehicle coordinator about the car accident that we got into. Love you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A New Car!

Hey Everybody!
So this will be my last letter that comes on a day other than Monday. Our library reopened today so it'll be on Mondays from here on out. And we got a new car today! It is a brand spankin' new Toyota Corolla. I love it a ton! Its so nice and new! It only had 10 miles on it when we picked it up from the mission office! I like it way better than the old Malibu we used to drive. This one is much smaller and has a way better turn radius (for making u turns when I get lost in this crazy California road system). And it is a super cool charcoal color.
Thanks Dad for that info that you sent me, we have a lesson with Kennan tonight and we will share that with him. Hopefully he will be baptized before I have to get transferred, but if he doesn't I will still be able to come back when he does get baptized. Yesterday he texted us to reschedule our appointment from yesterday to today and was really apologetic that he wasn't able to do it yesterday, and I told him, "its ok the church is still true" and he said "Amen!" I'm pretty sure that he believes most of if, he just for whatever reason can't get all of it quite yet.
Easter was really great! We went to our ward mission leaders house for creamed eggs right after church. Those were super good! As far as I could tell it was boiled eggs mashed up in a white roux kind of sauce. Super, super good. Then for dinner we went over to the Nidu's house. They are a really awesome Indian family, and they made some super delicious curry. Then after dinner Sister Nidu's mom shared her testimony, and it was probably the best testimony I have ever heard. She basically asked her son who was also present to start going back to church, and he said, "you know I left the church Momma," but he had tears in his eyes and he didn't sound too convinced about having left the church. It was super awesome to be able to share that experience with the family.
So that's all that I have for this week. Thank you all for you love and support and prayers! I appreciate it so so much. And also a huge thank you to Susie and Michael. You will be getting another thank you letter from me soon, but I wanted you to know in the mean time that I really, really, really appreciate the stuff that you sent me. Thank you so much!
I'm not sure if I said this already but I think I remember that Mom had an extra set of hair clippers, and if you could send those to me for my birthday that would be awesome! If I am remembering wrong and you don't have any extras, then don't worry about it, I can bum some off of others. More than half of the missionaries have some. Anyways I love you all and hope you all are well!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

Friday, April 13, 2012

Surprise Photos

I just received these emails and photos from the mission secretary. It's nice to have an eye witness account that he's well. The second photo was taken and sent after I responded to the first email. I'm glad I got the email in time to respond while he was still there.
The Mom


This is Sister Withers, mission  secretary.  Your son is in the office right this minute and I just took this photo of him.  I thought you might enjoy it.  He says “Hi”  and that he loves you!.......8-)

All the best,

Sister Withers

He is still here…but he can close his eyes and imagine your are giving him a squeeze….  He was waiting to see if you replied…..8-)


Hey Everybody!
How are you all doing? Sorry my letter is late again, yesterday we had a 6 and a half hour zone conference and went straight to an Easter concert at the Stanford Memorial Church. That was super awesome! We took Kennan with us, and it was just great. President Watkins spoke and it was kind of a music and the spoken word thing. It was just great. And ya transfers are a week before Mothers Day, and I don't know if I'm gonna be getting transferred or not, but I probably will be. Hopefully I will still be able to skype with you. But I have a super awesome mothers day present that I will send to you, but its gonna be a few days late. Sorry. And thank you so much for the package, its awesome! Joseph, I would have enjoyed those pictures more if you weren't wearing my shorts and my shirt. Please, please, please don't destroy them so that I have something to wear when I come home. Kennan is doing super well still. We talked about baptism, and we finally got him to tell us what his concern is and its the temple. He loves the idea of a holy place where you can worship with the most devout members of your faith, but he doesn't understand the need for the ordinances. So we are working on that. Any advice? Well that's all I have for now, I love you all and hope to hear from you all soon!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(Letter written 4/11/12)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Temple Trip

Hey Everybody!
Sorry the letter is late this week, but we didn't have p-day until today because we were able to go to the temple to do a session today. That was way awesome! I really like the Oakland Temple. It has the biggest endowment room I've ever seen! And the member that took us up hasn't been a member of the church very long and doesn't have a recommend, but he drove us up there and just waited for us because he is super awesome!

I think Kennan had a good experience at conference. He watched all of the sessions except for priesthood because he had something else going on, but that's okay. He said his favorite talks were Elder Scott, Elder Oaks, Elder Holland and President Uchtdorf, which happened to be my favorite ones too. Particularly Holland and Uchtdorf. Those were so awesome! I can't wait to get the Ensign and go over all the stuff that I may not have picked up on!

Elder Fuller is pretty cool. He is from Wisconsin and has been out 16 months. He suffers from middle child syndrome (just like me)! Our new district leader is a Tongan elder named Elder Mu'amohaleva. He is way sweet.

In other news, you guys remember Ashley, right? Well she is working on her mission papers now! That's pretty awesome. I'm way excited for her, and I'm excited for Garrett too! Tell him I said 'hi.' Anyways I have to go, but thanks for writing me and for all your support and for everything you do! Love you all!

Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

P.S.  For my birthday if you could send some hair clippers, that would be awesome. I've been cutting my hair myself with Elder Benner's clippers, but since he's gone now I can't do that. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Elder Benner Got Transferred

Hey Everybody!

Sorry I wasn't able to write yesterday. We had a busy day because Elder Benner got transferred! He is now in Santa Cruz like 2 blocks from the beach and will probably be there for the rest of his mission. My new companion is Elder Fuller, and I really like him so far. He is a really good, hard working missionary. He is from Wisconsin most recently, but his dad is in the military so he moved all over. He is really great so far. Its been kind of hard for me because for some reason I haven't been able to learn my area very well yet, but I'm learning.

Kennan is doing great. He is going to fast this week for answers to his questions and is going to watch General Conference to seek them! Im really excited. We are going to watch the Sunday sessions with him at the bolz's house. I can't wait for that, its gonna be so cool! Then we will be going to the temple next week as a mission, and I am way excited for that! Well we have a ton of stuff to do today so I have to take off, but I would love to hear from you all soon. I love you all and hope you are well! Have a great day!

Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

Do Whatever It Takes

Hey Everybody!

How are you all doing! Things are going pretty good here, pretty much the same old thing, except for the first time since I got here the weather has been really bad. It rained all last week and was windy and cloudy and cold and miserable. But thats all over now and we are back to warm sunny California weather. How is the weather in Utah? I heard it was snowing down there recently. I never thought I would say this, but I kinda miss the snow. And not just the snow, I miss Utah. Its not like I'm homesick or anything, but like at night and stuff I catch myself missing it.

Anyway, with Kennan, he is still doing really well. He has a strong Christian background. We talked about the Book of Mormon last week, and he said that one of the reasons that he really liked it was because the Jesus it talks about is the Jesus he knows. So thats good. He is excited for General Conference because he says that he would need to gain a testimony of living prophets if he is gonna get baptized. We will definitely tell him to have a few questions in his mind when he watches it. We have talked about baptism a few times, and he says that if he decides that its true then he will do whatever it takes to be baptized. He is almost done with the D & C now and is about to start the Pearl of Great Price. So ya, that's about all I have on him today.

We had apartment inspection this morning which we passed with flying colors. I was doing dishes early this morning before study, and I heard Mom's voice, "you have to scrub the WHOLE THING inside and out so that there couldn't possibly be anything on it." Thank you Mom and Dad for being such great parents and teaching me things like dishes and laundry. It has made life out here much easier.

So can you belive that I have been out almost 5 months already! Its crazy. It doesn't even seem close to that long. Its almost a quarter over already. If you really want to send me some stuff for my birthday, I gave some of my MoTab cd's to someone so if you could send the Praise to the Man and This is The Christ ones that would be awesome. My ankle brace would be good and some more mangos would be way sweet. Thank you for all that you do and all of your prayers and support. I appreciate it more than I can express! I love you all and hope to hear from you all soon!


Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(Letter written 3/20/12)

Visitors Center Trip

Hey Everybody!

So the meeting with Elder Perry was awesome! All the missionaries got to go and shake his hand and tell him where we are from and how long we have been out. He is such a funny man, during his talk, his phone rang. After a few rings he turns around and says, "that's not mine is it?" His wife nodded yes and he said, "Oh I hope its not President Packer!" Then he told us a story about when he was speaking in a ward once and his phone rang while he was speaking and he looked at it then tossed it to his wife who was sitting a few rows back and she caught it with one hand! And he was just kind of going over how advancement in the Quorum works and he says, "Elder Anderson is number 12 right now, but when one of us drops, which shouldn't be too long now, he will move up to number 11." It was super funny. Then he talked to us about working with the ward leaders, which was super awesome.

So on Saturday, we were able to go up to the Oakland Temple Visitors Center with Kennan. That was a super neat expirence and Kennan really enjoyed it. Things that he really liked were this one exhibit they had about all the service and things that the church has been doing and also a presentation about families and things. That was super awesome. We got to walk around the terrace on the temple and it was a really clear day so we could see San Francisco and the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. We had a lesson with him at the Bolz's house (Brother Bolz is our Elders Quorum President and that's where I called from on Christmas. Kennan is really good friends with Sister Bolz because they have done musical theatre together). Afterwards he asked for a blessing because he has been hurt by some friends and he has just been having really malicious thoughts toward them and he really wanted help with that. But thats the kind of person that he is. He just really wants to love everyone, and if for whatever reason he dosn't love someone, he finds a way to make it happen. We brought up baptism again, and he said that he really wants to take his time and learn everything, finish the Doctrine and Covenants and the Peral of Great Price and everything like that. He says that he really loves everything about the church, but he really wants to have a strong testimony that its true, and I guess he doesn't feel like he does yet. But he is getting there, and I'm confident that he will feel comfortable with it soon.

I was sorry to hear about Sister Jorgensen's daughter, please send her my love. Well that's about all I have for today. I love you all and still really hope to hear from you all soon!


Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(Letter written 3/13/12)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elder Perry is Coming!

Hey Everybody!
So to answer your question about email on Mondays, we have been going on Tuesdays because the library that's in our area is closed for remodeling, and the closest one is way out of our area and there just aren't enough hours in the day to spend an hour each way traveling since we don't have the car on Mondays so we are just doing it on Tuesday for now. I might get one on Mondays occasionally if the elders we share the car with are willing to give us a ride. 
Something awesome is happening in about an hour today! Elder Perry is coming to speak to our mission! I'm super excited to go and hear that. Its gonna be way cool. We aren't sure what he is going to talk about, but I'm sure it will be awesome! When we met with Kennan last week we were just talking and he asked us what he would need to change in his life in order to be baptized! That was super awesome. We just talked about the word of wisdom and he said well I like my morning coffee and my evening cocktail, but if I decide this is true, I'll do what I need to! We are so excited and I know that he really felt the spirit at church on Sunday so I really think that when we invite him again to be baptized on Thursday he will say yes and accept a date. 
There is also some kind of bad news. The less active lady we were meeting with, Linda was sick a couple weeks ago and didn't come to church and was pretty upset when no body called or anything to see where she was. We had stopped by the Saturday before and we knew she was sick so we didn't try to find a ride for her because she told us she wasn't coming. She doesn't remember us stopping by and doesn't believe that we did so she is pretty upset and dodging us now. Anyway, that's pretty much all I have for news this week, but I love you all and hope that you all are doing well! Hope to hear from you all soon!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
P.S. Jeff went to the Ballet!!! What a wuss!!!!
(Letter written 3/6/12)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Nothing new

Hey everybody!
Sorry I don't really have that much time to write today, but nothing new is happening anyway. I went to the doctor and my ear was just really plugged with a massive chunk of earwax that was shoved right up into my eardrum. We haven't met with Kennan yet since my last email so there is nothing new there except to tell you that he has been to church every week for like 2 months and just loves it. Sorry for not really having much to say today, but I will have more to write next week. Thank you all and I love you!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(written 2/28/12)

Kennan is just super awesome!

Hey Everybody!
Sorry that my headings aren't as creative as Greg's, I'm just kind of boring that way. But I do have a lot to tell you. First off, things with Kennan are going great! He is about half way through the Doctrine and Covenants and loves it. I'm not sure exactly what his hang up is on getting baptized. He says its that he doesn't really feel that he has his own testimony about it all yet, but he even says that it is getting close. I think it won't be too long before he decides to be baptized. A little background on him, he is unmarried and has no kids. He is about 30 and is an electronic engineer. He had "the brain cancer" as he calls it. He finished chemo about 6 months ago and is now cancer free. He is just super awesome, that's about all I can say about him.
So on Satruday morning when I woke up, my right ear was clogged with ear wax, but when I started to clean it out it started to hurt really bad so I called the Medical Advisor and I have a doctors appointment today to find out if something is wrong or not. Its been really annoying because I 'hear anything out of my right ear, and I always have to ask people to repeat themselves. But I'm pretty sure its nothing serious. Probablly the worst thing it could be is I ruptured my eardrum, but it hasn't bled at all so I dont think its even that bad. Sister Abrahms just wants me to go to the doctor just to be sure.
Mom, thank you so much for the packages you sent me, I got them on Wednesday and the mangos lasted clear till Sunday. But you just told me that Joseph wore my shoes, you didn't tell me that he destroyed them. But its okay, that's not really a big deal. The reason that I wanted them is because there is a missionary in my district that doesn't have any basketball shoe,s and he was looking for a cheap pair to buy so I just gave him mine and asked you for my other ones. But thank you for that. I love you all and hope you all are well!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(written 2/21/12)

I'm a REAL missionary now!

Hey Everybody!
I hope you are all doing well! This week was pretty cool because our zone goal was to have a "perfect week" (20 lessons and 140 street contacts) and Elder Benner and I were able to get that done for the first time since I came out. It was really cool that we were able to do it since Elder Benner was really sick on Wednesday and the Medical Adviser told him to stay in bed so we spent the whole entire day in the apartment. Elder Benner just slept and I studied all day, and we were still able to get our goal which was pretty cool. Also Elder Benner is our new District Leader, and I am no longer a trainee, I'm a REAL missionary now! I was realizing that on Feb 2, it had been 3 months since I went into the MTC. Its so weird, it doesn't feel like its been even close to that long. I'm really enjoying the mission so far! And its gotten even better since we started teaching Kennan. I'm pretty sure I've talked about him before, but he is friends with our Elders Quorum President's wife. He is super awesome! He has already finished the Book of Mormon and the Lectures on Faith (which I haven't even read), and is now reading The Doctrine and Covenants. He has been to church every week since before New Years. He really just loves everything about the church and everything we have been teaching him but is kind of hung up on the "one true church" part of it. But he is definitely getting there, and I am very confident he will be baptized soon. I am really excited because he is my first real progressing investigator. 
Anyway that's about all that I have for today news wise, but there is a member in our ward named John Blank who thinks he might have been in Dad's ward growing up. He is about 5 or 6 years older than Dad but has siblings that would have been his age. So dad if you know any Blanks from your ward in San Jose, one of them may be in my ward. He was wondering what ward you were in, was it the 3rd ward? Mom, if my ankle brace isn't in my blue tote then I'm not sure where it might be. Maybe in the top drawer of my dresser? But if you can't find it don't worry about it, I can do without. And there isn't a knee brace. I'm not a wuss. Anyway, I hope you are all doing well, especially you Joseph, and I will write a letter to you if I can find time and remember to, but I would love to get a letter from you! Anyway I love you all and hope to hear from you all soon!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(written 2/14/12)

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Thomas'

Hey Everybody!
How are you all doing? Things have been going really well here, not really anything new, just still teaching our awesome investigator Kennan and our less active members. I'm really sorry to hear about Teresa Boyce's dad. Let them all know that I'm thinking about them. 
I don't think I've told you about the Thomas' yet have I? Sister Thomas is a member and very active and very strong in the church. Her husband Travis is not a member. He has big long dread locks, and a nose ring and a big bear claw thing in one ear, but he is super awesome. Every week he comes to church with his wife and children (Apple, Benjamin Kai, and Rebecca Rose). He believes in the church, but he hasn't been baptized yet because of a few life style issues. He just "isn't ready to commit to anything yet." But he will get baptized eventually. He helped out in primary for a long time and also helps out at a youth camp every year cooking meals, and he helps with the dinner every week at the institute building here at San Jose State. He is really super close with the missionaries and everyone in the ward. He plays raquetball with 3 other ward members every week, has us over for dinner every week, and plays basketball with us and 6 other elders every Monday. Last Sunday was Rebecca Rose's baby blessing. Sister Thomas' dad gave the blessing, but Travis was making other people from the ward go up to stand in the circle. It was actually really cool. Anyway thats about all I have for now. I don't have a lot of time because we had to email today because we had a zone activity that used up all of the time yesterday so our zone is writing today. 
Thank you all for everything that you do and for all of your thoughts and prayers. I love you all and as always, hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
Mom, if you cant find my vest its ok, but if you run into my ankle brace, I could use that as well. Thank you so much and I love you! You are the best missionary mom in America!
(written 2/7/12)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Excited About Teaching

Hey Everybody!
How are you all doing? I have a little bit more to write about this week. One of the less active members we have been teaching, Linda, is doing super well. She has had a problem with substance abuse pretty much her whole life but she is trying so hard to get off. She was a heroin addict and an alcoholic but has recovered from both of those, she has been off pain pills for about 2 years now, and now she is just working on smoking and some sleeping pills. But she is so awesome! She is trying so hard and really doing everything we ask her to that we know will help her. We usually meet with her twice a week and she always has new things she has found in the Book of Mormon that she really likes. Until yesterday she couldn't really remember where the Book of Mormon even came from. I really love Linda, she is so awesome. And we have been able to teach Joe again. I talked about him a month or more ago, but he has been out of town and just recently came back. We had a lesson with him last night and it just kind of seemed like religion is more of a hobby to him than something spiritual. But we will keep teaching him and trying to help him feel the spirit and realize what it is he is going to need to do if he is really serious about religion. But he is a super awesome guy, he is very smart and just very interesting. Those are the people that I'm kind of excited about teaching right now.
There is something kind of funny that happened. Last Monday when we were leaving the library, we got outside and realized that someone had stolen the front wheel off of Elder Benner's bike. At first we were worried about it because those things are expensive, but when we were at a bike shop looking at some wheel sets, the owner came out and was talking to us and ended up selling Elder Benner one that someone had donated to the shop for $20. That's a screamin' deal! Anyways that's all I really have for this week. Except for I'm not sure if you have gotten my 2 emails about things that I could use in a package if you haven't sent it yet, but if you can I could really use my blue and green Nike basketball shoes that are in my blue tote and also my weighted vest and ankle weights that are probably also in my tote and also a pop up laundry basket. Thanks!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(written 1/30/12)

Look Harder and Rely on the Lord

Hey Everybody!
Things have been pretty good this last week. We have been able to teach a lot of less active families in the ward so its been really great. I just wish we had some real good investigators. We just can't seem to find any good investigators to teach. We do have a baptizimal date for July 7. The reason it's so far away is because thats when he is going to marry his girlfriend that he is living with (who is a less active member of the church.) But we have been really working hard and trying to find people to teach, and I'm sure they are there, we just need to look harder and rely on the Lord. I'm sorry but I don't really have a lot to write about today, its been a pretty routine week, nothing really special happened. But I love you all and really appreciate all of your support, prayers, and letters. I love you all and hope that you have a great week!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(written 1/23/12)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Zone Conference

Hey Everybody!
I have gotten my tires taken care of and lights also. I'm not sure whether it was a random act of vandalism or targeted towards us because we are missionaries, but we haven't really had a lot of trouble with people hating us or being angry at us. Usually all we get is people on the street that don't want to stop and talk to a couple kids about God. But the week has been pretty good, we have been able to continue to meet with Charles Stewart (the guy that got shoulder surgery) and Linda (the less active lady we meet on the street). We got Linda's last name last week but I dont remember it right now. We have a lesson with Linda and a less active member named John Villalba tomorrow that I have been really excited for. Linda has a lot of questions and is super awesome and John is starting Jesus the Christ and we were going to be able to discuss the first 3 chapters with him but our district leader is taking me into his area for exchanges tomorrow night so I have to miss those lessons and I'm really bummed about it. I was really looking foreward to those lessons and preparing hard for them. But I guess thats the way it goes.
Today we had my first zone confrence and it was really great! The only thing that made me not really like it was that on the way out the door this morning, I slipped on some ice (in California?!) and sprained my left ankle, which is not the one I sprained a few months before I left, but it was fun having that for a 7 hour long zone confrence. But don't get me wrong, I loved zone confrence, it was awesome!
And just now in the library some high school kid came up to us and said his mom wanted to have us over for dinner and stuff and gave us his phone number! I'm not sure if they are members or not, but they probably are, but its still cool!
Anyways thats just about all I got today, but I love you all and really appreciate all of your letters and prayers and support. Hope you all are well!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

Friday, January 13, 2012

Exhausting but good!

Hey everybody!
How are you all doing? Its been an incredibly exhausting week, but its been so good. The less active brother that I gave a blessing to had his surgery, and there was more damage than was originally thought, but the surgery went perfectly and he is home and recovering. We got to stop by and visit on Saturday and he was doing super awesome. On Saturday, there was a lady that stopped us on the street while we were riding our bikes and told us that she had been baptized at 13 but was never really active and she was really hungry for the gospel. She is probably in her 50's and is a recovering heroin and pain pill addict. We had a really good little talk on the side of the road and she started crying and asked if we could say a prayer with her. We did and she went on her way, but we have an appointment with her tonight at 7:30 so I'm pretty sure it will go well. We have had a lot of other lessons with new investigators and less active members.

Elder Benner and I got our tires on our bikes slashed on Saturday night which was pretty cool. We had to walk our bikes about 4 miles back to our apartment. So pretty much its been a super eventful week. Its just about time for me to go, but I hope to hear from you all soon! Tell me how you are all doing!
With love,
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
p.s. Dad, with my tires being slashed, I need some money to replace them and also to get lights for my bike because it is illegal and extraordinarily unsafe to ride at night in California with out them. There is a missionary in my district that has extra tires that will fit my bike and also some lights that he will sell to me for 50 dollars so if you maybe wanted to transfer that other 50 into my account that you were going to do before that would be awesome. And 50 is a steal for that stuff because tires are like 75 bucks and lights are 35 for the cheap stuff. Thanks, that would be awesome and as long as it doesnt happen again, this will be the last time I need money.
(written 1/ 9/12)

Priesthood Power

Hey Guys!
Mom, I'm sorry that my letters have been a day late the last 2 weeks, all the libraries were closed because of the day after Christmas and the day after New Years. We are asked to not do email at member's houses, just in public places like the library or the apple store which were all closed or out of our area so it just wasn't an option yesterday.
Anyway, it's been awesome here. We are finding some more less actives to teach and they are awesome! There is this guy we just barely taught like 30 minutes ago who is less active, hasn't been to church in about 4 years, but asked us if we could give him a blessing today because tomorrow he is going in for a shoulder surgery. The doctors aren't exactly sure what's wrong so they are not quite sure if they are going to be able to fix it so he has been really scared about it because he might never have full use of his shoulder. He asked me to give him the blessing and it was awesome! It was really cool to be able to have the spirit speak comfort to him through me. He feels a little bit better about it but is still nervous.
Other than that not a whole lot is going on. I did get my bike and really like it. Riding around here is pretty easy. There arent any hills and people try to not hit you and give you plenty of space so its good.
 Thank you all for your support and your prayers! I try to remember you all in my prayers as well.
Love you all!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(written 1/3/12)

Christmas was Awesome!

It was so awesome to talk to you guys on Christmas! Joseph I can't believe how big you are! I'm gonna have to start working out hard so that I can keep up with you! And Mom and Dad you guys looked great! I'm glad that everything else is going well for you guys. There really isn't anything new to report this week. It was a pretty slow week with every one being out of town or having all their family over so we didn't really teach any lessons besides at our dinner appointments and Grandpa and Betty. Sorry that its a short letter this week, but there really isn't much to say. But I love you all and wish you all the best!
With love,
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(written 12/27/11)

Christmas Chat

We were able to video chat with Elder Harbold on Christmas day via Skype. They were at the Elders Quorum President's house and Bro. Bolz was kind enough to hook him up with Skype. We had a great visit. He told us that he and Elder Benner were able to go and visit Great Grandpa Harbold and his wife Betty since they live about five miles away and are not members of the church. They had a great visit with them and 'made their day' according to Betty. They of course left them with a Christmas message about the Savior like good missionaries do. Our visit 'made our day' too. It was wonderful to talk to him and see him and meet his companion. Life is good!

Letter to Dad

Hey Dad,
Yea, Elder Benner and I have been working really hard! We just picked up 3 new investigators this week and I'll talk more about them in my letter to everyone. I just wanted to write you a letter saying thank you for everything you are doing and all of the support you are giving me. 300 dollars will be perfect for a bike, lock and helmet. Elder Benner and I have been going around to the bike shops and one of the guys told me that during the first week of January he thinks he can work something out to get me a good bike, helmet, and lock for about 290. And the bike is pretty nice. Its a light road bike which would be good for lots of riding but its a brand and look that doesn't get stolen very often. Plus the lock is really nice that he is gonna get me. So I'll be all set for that. Thank you so much for doing that for me and also for writing me every week. I love hearing from you, and I really value the advice that you give me and please feel free to give me advice on anything that you feel like you can. Anyways, thanks for all you do, I really appreciate and love you and am excited to skype with you on Sunday!
Elder Spencer Harbold