Friday, April 6, 2012

Temple Trip

Hey Everybody!
Sorry the letter is late this week, but we didn't have p-day until today because we were able to go to the temple to do a session today. That was way awesome! I really like the Oakland Temple. It has the biggest endowment room I've ever seen! And the member that took us up hasn't been a member of the church very long and doesn't have a recommend, but he drove us up there and just waited for us because he is super awesome!

I think Kennan had a good experience at conference. He watched all of the sessions except for priesthood because he had something else going on, but that's okay. He said his favorite talks were Elder Scott, Elder Oaks, Elder Holland and President Uchtdorf, which happened to be my favorite ones too. Particularly Holland and Uchtdorf. Those were so awesome! I can't wait to get the Ensign and go over all the stuff that I may not have picked up on!

Elder Fuller is pretty cool. He is from Wisconsin and has been out 16 months. He suffers from middle child syndrome (just like me)! Our new district leader is a Tongan elder named Elder Mu'amohaleva. He is way sweet.

In other news, you guys remember Ashley, right? Well she is working on her mission papers now! That's pretty awesome. I'm way excited for her, and I'm excited for Garrett too! Tell him I said 'hi.' Anyways I have to go, but thanks for writing me and for all your support and for everything you do! Love you all!

Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

P.S.  For my birthday if you could send some hair clippers, that would be awesome. I've been cutting my hair myself with Elder Benner's clippers, but since he's gone now I can't do that. Thanks!

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