Friday, January 13, 2012

Exhausting but good!

Hey everybody!
How are you all doing? Its been an incredibly exhausting week, but its been so good. The less active brother that I gave a blessing to had his surgery, and there was more damage than was originally thought, but the surgery went perfectly and he is home and recovering. We got to stop by and visit on Saturday and he was doing super awesome. On Saturday, there was a lady that stopped us on the street while we were riding our bikes and told us that she had been baptized at 13 but was never really active and she was really hungry for the gospel. She is probably in her 50's and is a recovering heroin and pain pill addict. We had a really good little talk on the side of the road and she started crying and asked if we could say a prayer with her. We did and she went on her way, but we have an appointment with her tonight at 7:30 so I'm pretty sure it will go well. We have had a lot of other lessons with new investigators and less active members.

Elder Benner and I got our tires on our bikes slashed on Saturday night which was pretty cool. We had to walk our bikes about 4 miles back to our apartment. So pretty much its been a super eventful week. Its just about time for me to go, but I hope to hear from you all soon! Tell me how you are all doing!
With love,
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
p.s. Dad, with my tires being slashed, I need some money to replace them and also to get lights for my bike because it is illegal and extraordinarily unsafe to ride at night in California with out them. There is a missionary in my district that has extra tires that will fit my bike and also some lights that he will sell to me for 50 dollars so if you maybe wanted to transfer that other 50 into my account that you were going to do before that would be awesome. And 50 is a steal for that stuff because tires are like 75 bucks and lights are 35 for the cheap stuff. Thanks, that would be awesome and as long as it doesnt happen again, this will be the last time I need money.
(written 1/ 9/12)

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