Monday, February 13, 2012

The Thomas'

Hey Everybody!
How are you all doing? Things have been going really well here, not really anything new, just still teaching our awesome investigator Kennan and our less active members. I'm really sorry to hear about Teresa Boyce's dad. Let them all know that I'm thinking about them. 
I don't think I've told you about the Thomas' yet have I? Sister Thomas is a member and very active and very strong in the church. Her husband Travis is not a member. He has big long dread locks, and a nose ring and a big bear claw thing in one ear, but he is super awesome. Every week he comes to church with his wife and children (Apple, Benjamin Kai, and Rebecca Rose). He believes in the church, but he hasn't been baptized yet because of a few life style issues. He just "isn't ready to commit to anything yet." But he will get baptized eventually. He helped out in primary for a long time and also helps out at a youth camp every year cooking meals, and he helps with the dinner every week at the institute building here at San Jose State. He is really super close with the missionaries and everyone in the ward. He plays raquetball with 3 other ward members every week, has us over for dinner every week, and plays basketball with us and 6 other elders every Monday. Last Sunday was Rebecca Rose's baby blessing. Sister Thomas' dad gave the blessing, but Travis was making other people from the ward go up to stand in the circle. It was actually really cool. Anyway thats about all I have for now. I don't have a lot of time because we had to email today because we had a zone activity that used up all of the time yesterday so our zone is writing today. 
Thank you all for everything that you do and for all of your thoughts and prayers. I love you all and as always, hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
Mom, if you cant find my vest its ok, but if you run into my ankle brace, I could use that as well. Thank you so much and I love you! You are the best missionary mom in America!
(written 2/7/12)

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