Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Zone Conference

Hey Everybody!
I have gotten my tires taken care of and lights also. I'm not sure whether it was a random act of vandalism or targeted towards us because we are missionaries, but we haven't really had a lot of trouble with people hating us or being angry at us. Usually all we get is people on the street that don't want to stop and talk to a couple kids about God. But the week has been pretty good, we have been able to continue to meet with Charles Stewart (the guy that got shoulder surgery) and Linda (the less active lady we meet on the street). We got Linda's last name last week but I dont remember it right now. We have a lesson with Linda and a less active member named John Villalba tomorrow that I have been really excited for. Linda has a lot of questions and is super awesome and John is starting Jesus the Christ and we were going to be able to discuss the first 3 chapters with him but our district leader is taking me into his area for exchanges tomorrow night so I have to miss those lessons and I'm really bummed about it. I was really looking foreward to those lessons and preparing hard for them. But I guess thats the way it goes.
Today we had my first zone confrence and it was really great! The only thing that made me not really like it was that on the way out the door this morning, I slipped on some ice (in California?!) and sprained my left ankle, which is not the one I sprained a few months before I left, but it was fun having that for a 7 hour long zone confrence. But don't get me wrong, I loved zone confrence, it was awesome!
And just now in the library some high school kid came up to us and said his mom wanted to have us over for dinner and stuff and gave us his phone number! I'm not sure if they are members or not, but they probably are, but its still cool!
Anyways thats just about all I got today, but I love you all and really appreciate all of your letters and prayers and support. Hope you all are well!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

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