Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Zone Conference

Hey Everybody!
I have gotten my tires taken care of and lights also. I'm not sure whether it was a random act of vandalism or targeted towards us because we are missionaries, but we haven't really had a lot of trouble with people hating us or being angry at us. Usually all we get is people on the street that don't want to stop and talk to a couple kids about God. But the week has been pretty good, we have been able to continue to meet with Charles Stewart (the guy that got shoulder surgery) and Linda (the less active lady we meet on the street). We got Linda's last name last week but I dont remember it right now. We have a lesson with Linda and a less active member named John Villalba tomorrow that I have been really excited for. Linda has a lot of questions and is super awesome and John is starting Jesus the Christ and we were going to be able to discuss the first 3 chapters with him but our district leader is taking me into his area for exchanges tomorrow night so I have to miss those lessons and I'm really bummed about it. I was really looking foreward to those lessons and preparing hard for them. But I guess thats the way it goes.
Today we had my first zone confrence and it was really great! The only thing that made me not really like it was that on the way out the door this morning, I slipped on some ice (in California?!) and sprained my left ankle, which is not the one I sprained a few months before I left, but it was fun having that for a 7 hour long zone confrence. But don't get me wrong, I loved zone confrence, it was awesome!
And just now in the library some high school kid came up to us and said his mom wanted to have us over for dinner and stuff and gave us his phone number! I'm not sure if they are members or not, but they probably are, but its still cool!
Anyways thats just about all I got today, but I love you all and really appreciate all of your letters and prayers and support. Hope you all are well!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

Friday, January 13, 2012

Exhausting but good!

Hey everybody!
How are you all doing? Its been an incredibly exhausting week, but its been so good. The less active brother that I gave a blessing to had his surgery, and there was more damage than was originally thought, but the surgery went perfectly and he is home and recovering. We got to stop by and visit on Saturday and he was doing super awesome. On Saturday, there was a lady that stopped us on the street while we were riding our bikes and told us that she had been baptized at 13 but was never really active and she was really hungry for the gospel. She is probably in her 50's and is a recovering heroin and pain pill addict. We had a really good little talk on the side of the road and she started crying and asked if we could say a prayer with her. We did and she went on her way, but we have an appointment with her tonight at 7:30 so I'm pretty sure it will go well. We have had a lot of other lessons with new investigators and less active members.

Elder Benner and I got our tires on our bikes slashed on Saturday night which was pretty cool. We had to walk our bikes about 4 miles back to our apartment. So pretty much its been a super eventful week. Its just about time for me to go, but I hope to hear from you all soon! Tell me how you are all doing!
With love,
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
p.s. Dad, with my tires being slashed, I need some money to replace them and also to get lights for my bike because it is illegal and extraordinarily unsafe to ride at night in California with out them. There is a missionary in my district that has extra tires that will fit my bike and also some lights that he will sell to me for 50 dollars so if you maybe wanted to transfer that other 50 into my account that you were going to do before that would be awesome. And 50 is a steal for that stuff because tires are like 75 bucks and lights are 35 for the cheap stuff. Thanks, that would be awesome and as long as it doesnt happen again, this will be the last time I need money.
(written 1/ 9/12)

Priesthood Power

Hey Guys!
Mom, I'm sorry that my letters have been a day late the last 2 weeks, all the libraries were closed because of the day after Christmas and the day after New Years. We are asked to not do email at member's houses, just in public places like the library or the apple store which were all closed or out of our area so it just wasn't an option yesterday.
Anyway, it's been awesome here. We are finding some more less actives to teach and they are awesome! There is this guy we just barely taught like 30 minutes ago who is less active, hasn't been to church in about 4 years, but asked us if we could give him a blessing today because tomorrow he is going in for a shoulder surgery. The doctors aren't exactly sure what's wrong so they are not quite sure if they are going to be able to fix it so he has been really scared about it because he might never have full use of his shoulder. He asked me to give him the blessing and it was awesome! It was really cool to be able to have the spirit speak comfort to him through me. He feels a little bit better about it but is still nervous.
Other than that not a whole lot is going on. I did get my bike and really like it. Riding around here is pretty easy. There arent any hills and people try to not hit you and give you plenty of space so its good.
 Thank you all for your support and your prayers! I try to remember you all in my prayers as well.
Love you all!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(written 1/3/12)

Christmas was Awesome!

It was so awesome to talk to you guys on Christmas! Joseph I can't believe how big you are! I'm gonna have to start working out hard so that I can keep up with you! And Mom and Dad you guys looked great! I'm glad that everything else is going well for you guys. There really isn't anything new to report this week. It was a pretty slow week with every one being out of town or having all their family over so we didn't really teach any lessons besides at our dinner appointments and Grandpa and Betty. Sorry that its a short letter this week, but there really isn't much to say. But I love you all and wish you all the best!
With love,
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
(written 12/27/11)

Christmas Chat

We were able to video chat with Elder Harbold on Christmas day via Skype. They were at the Elders Quorum President's house and Bro. Bolz was kind enough to hook him up with Skype. We had a great visit. He told us that he and Elder Benner were able to go and visit Great Grandpa Harbold and his wife Betty since they live about five miles away and are not members of the church. They had a great visit with them and 'made their day' according to Betty. They of course left them with a Christmas message about the Savior like good missionaries do. Our visit 'made our day' too. It was wonderful to talk to him and see him and meet his companion. Life is good!

Letter to Dad

Hey Dad,
Yea, Elder Benner and I have been working really hard! We just picked up 3 new investigators this week and I'll talk more about them in my letter to everyone. I just wanted to write you a letter saying thank you for everything you are doing and all of the support you are giving me. 300 dollars will be perfect for a bike, lock and helmet. Elder Benner and I have been going around to the bike shops and one of the guys told me that during the first week of January he thinks he can work something out to get me a good bike, helmet, and lock for about 290. And the bike is pretty nice. Its a light road bike which would be good for lots of riding but its a brand and look that doesn't get stolen very often. Plus the lock is really nice that he is gonna get me. So I'll be all set for that. Thank you so much for doing that for me and also for writing me every week. I love hearing from you, and I really value the advice that you give me and please feel free to give me advice on anything that you feel like you can. Anyways, thanks for all you do, I really appreciate and love you and am excited to skype with you on Sunday!
Elder Spencer Harbold