Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Way Less Weird

Hey Everybody!
How are you all doing? Things are going pretty well down here. It's been 90 degrees the past few days, but it's supposed to start raining again later this week. I am liking the heat more than the cold. It's pretty good when it's warm.
Mom, you were asking about Elder Fuller, and it's going ok with him, but he has a hard time doing stuff. He still has 8 months left but he is already home mentally. It's a huge battle to get him up on time, out of the apartment by 10 and to not come back like 20 times a day. It can be so hard, especially with my naturally lazy personality, to keep on top of it and just not do anything all day. But I have been able to for the most part keep him out and busy all day, which is really cool for me because I'm proving to myself that I'm out here and I'm taking it seriously even when its hard. So this is probably a good thing for me. Besides, there is like a 95% chance that I am getting transferred in 2 weeks anyway. But ya we will see how it goes.

Kennan is doing well, it's actually been a while since we have been able to meet with him. He canceled our meeting on Wednesday because he had to work late because he is doing some training stuff at work and so he wasn't able to make it. Then he was really sick yesterday so he didn't make it to church either, but its no big deal, he is still on fire and we aren't worried about losing him. We stopped by his place to give him a Chinese Book of Mormon because he wanted to give one to his friend. I'm pretty sure that he knows that the church is true, he just doesn't realize it yet, so we are going to talk to him about it on Thursday.
A couple of weeks ago we were helping a guy in our ward named Volark move an older lady named Anna. Also helping her were some guys from her church. Yesterday Volark brought one of them to church and we have an appointment to meet with him and Volark on Wednesday! His name is Grey and he is super awesome. We were talking to him after church and asked him how he liked it, and he said that he really enjoyed it. He liked the order of things and it was way less weird then he thought a Mormon church would be. So we are pretty excited to meet with him.
So that's about all that I have for this week. Thank you all for every thing that you all do, it means so much to me. I love you all and hope you all are well!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold
P.S. I don't have any of those mo tab cd's that you asked me about but you did send my not your mothers cd's. And if you could add one more thing, those red and green exercise bands that I got in jr. high. I'm not quite sure where they are but Joseph might know. Thanks so so much! And the reason we were at the mission office was to talk to Elder Boras, our vehicle coordinator about the car accident that we got into. Love you!

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