Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My district is so awesome!

Hey guys! I got your package and all of your letters. Thank you all so much for everything. If you meant to send me an email I think you sent it to the wrong email 'cause I don't have one from you guys. But thanks for the cookies, the Elders really like them. And I was so sorry to hear about Brother Pymm. He was a great man. And Mom thanks for all the stuff with the thank you cards, I have done some and I'm going to finish the rest right after this. But that was way awesome of you to do, thanks so much.

The MTC has been really awesome so far. Just the spirit here is so awesome. I really like the routine and schedule here because there is always something to do. My classes are amazing! My teachers, Brother Coffman and Brother Roberts are the best. Brother Roberts is from South Africa and has an awesome accent that we all have a lot of fun with. But there is another teacher that comes and helps out sometimes named Brother Sikihemia. Brother Sikihema is the best, you can ask anyone. He has taught me now to study and organize my ideas and present them in a coherent fashion. He is helping me to progress more than anyone besides the Lord. My district is so awesome! I have pictures with me and my district and my companion and roommates that I'll send to you when I get them developed 'cause I can't put them on the computer to email them. But its really cheap to do pictures here so its gonna be all good. I'll also send the ones with the family and grandma. Yesterday was kind of a rough day because our progressive investigator didn't show up for our first appointment. I've never realized how frustrating that is, but it was a good learning experience for me to learn patience and what not. I'm also getting a bad cold so on top of that I got kind of grumpy for a couple hours, but I got over it after gym when I got to play some basketball.

Oh and happy birthday yesterday Dad! I totally remembered by myself and didn't have to have Mom remind me in her letter that she wrote me at all! But I hope you have a great birthday! Tell Jeff and Paige and everyone else who reads this to write me a letter 'cause we are having a district competition to see whose friends and family loves them the most, and I really think I can win this one. Well the time is up. Its been awesome to be able to write to you guys, and I hope to hear from you all soon! I love you all!

Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

Note From The Mom: I had posted Spencer's email address incorrectly before today. The correct address is (not .com). Sorry if you sent anything that got lost in cyber space. Also, I have just been educated on using You write a letter online and they will send a hard copy letter that gets delivered to Spencer's MTC mailbox the same day or the next day. It's free and he gets the letter before p-day and he can then use his limited email time on p-day writing letters instead of reading them. Thanks for your loving support! Let's help him win his 'who is loved most' competition. Love you all!

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