Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I have my travel plans!

Hey Everybody!

Its been great in the MTC! Been staying really busy all the time. For some reason they never just give you a couple hours a day to do what you want. There is always somewhere to be and something to be doing. Which actually is really awesome, getting me into a schedule and stuff. My district is so awesome! Five of us are going to San Jose (all 3 of my roommates plus Elder Hammond) and the other 7 are going to Roseville. But we are all way tight and get along really well. We do everything as a district, even things that you can do as just companionships or individually like gym and laundry and eating meals. Oh and Dad, I ran into a brother here that knew Grandpa when you guys lived in Corona. I wrote his name down but now I can't find it.

I have my travel plans! I'm leaving the MTC on November 23rd at 5:00 am and my plane leaves from Salt Lake at 8:00. I have exactly one more week here. I like it here, but I can't wait to go out and get to work. But there are things from here that I'm going to miss like the devotionals. Yesterday the speaker was Tad R. Callister of the Presidency of the Seventy, and it was so amazing! He spoke about the Great Apostasy and how understanding it is pivotal to understanding the gospel. He gave 10 evidences that the apostasy really did occur, and at the end he was telling the Joseph Smith story, and the Spirit was so strong, and all I could think to myself is, the Spirit testifies of truth. It was the best devotional I had ever been to in my life.

Well my time is almost up, but before I leave, Mom can you send me the pedigree chart, my line of authority, my patriarchal blessing (that's in the pocket on the underside of the lid in the old brown and blue suitcase), and also the afterglow CD's A Feeling Within and Ever Onward? Thanks! Oh and just so you know your Dear Elder letters are awesome, thanks for those. I really like those 'cause I don't have to wait 'til Wednesday to read them. But thank you all for all your letters and everything! I love you all and hope to keep hearing from you!

Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

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