Friday, November 4, 2011

The Drop Off

After some last-minute rushing and a quick Skype session with Jeffrey, Spencer is now safely in the MTC. Jeff has commented that taking missionaries to the MTC is now not unlike making a donation to DI. You pull up to the curb, pop your trunk and some one comes to collect the stuff and gives you a receipt. So we made our significant donation of a worthy son on Wednesday. We didn't get a receipt, but we'll settle for the incredible return on our investment that the next two years will bring. The Lord can make much more of him in two years than we or he can alone. The big drop off is a beautiful experience that you prepare and plan for from the time they're born, but then you drive away with tears in your eyes. We experience an astonishing array of emotions at that point. We are so full of joy, relief, gratitude, and satisfaction to have them where they really need to be and yet so full of pain at the loss of their company, their laugh, and their smile. We are all really looking forward to that first letter! We love you, miss you and are so proud of you, Spencer!

MTC Address:
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

MTC Mailbox #131
2005 North 500 East
Provo, UT 84604-1793

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