Monday, December 19, 2011

It has been an amazing week!

Hello Everyone!
It has been an amazing week! Elder Benner and I have been working hard and we picked up 3 new investigators this week! The first one I think I mentioned last week, his name is Joe Norarro. He is a very inteligent person. He is mid 20's and studying nutritional science at San Jose State. He is very Cathloic but has some friends who are members and has been studying the church for a long time. And the cool thing is when he studies the church, he uses church resources like and other things rather than whatever crap he finds on the internet that other people think we believe. I am so grateful that he is smart enough to go to the source. He is also in Moroni chapter 4 so he is almost done with the Book of Mormon! I really think that he is ready for the gospel, he just has some hang ups on some things that don't make the most intellectual sense to him. He disagrees with some of the chapter headings in the bible and says that the church's interpretation of those chapters is wrong. And also he believes that the scripture that talks about if your brother sins against you talk to him about it alone and if you still have a problem then bring like 3 witnesses and then take him to the church and let the church sort it out, he thinks that scripture conflicts with the apostasy because if Christ intented to take his chruch off the earth then he wouldn't have said that. He just has some minor issues like that. But I still think he wants to belileve it. 
Anyway, the second one is this guy named Jose that we met on the street. He asked us some questions about repentance and told us to go and do some research and come back with something that would specificially help him. So we did and it was an awesome lesson. He really respects us and what we do, but when we asked him if he wanted to come to church, he said he wasn't really a church guy, but I'm pretty sure we will be getting him to come soon. 
Then our third one is an Indian lady named Sandyha. She was a referral from the sister missionaries but when we stopped by we talked to her for just a second on her doorstep then she said her husband was gonna be home soon and asked us to leave so we think something might be going on there. We have an Indian couple in our ward that is happy to come with us to teach her, but we need to talk to her about her husband and things like that. But thats all the people we are really teaching. 
I mentioned about Mike and Norma before, the less active lady and her boyfriend that are living together. They told the Bishop that they decided to get married and just take the social security cut, but then when we met with them on Thursday they said that they are just going to do a "formal promise ceremony" which they are positive that the church will deem perfectly acceptable. I don't think they will, but its up to the Bishop, not me. But becides that, not much else is new. 
I finished Jesus the Christ last week (which I think I may have been inspired to read because there are a lot of things about the Great Apostacy in there that I think will really help Joe). Reading about the Savior's life, especially His suffering in the Garden and His crufixion has been the most spiritual expirence of my life, and I encourage everyone to read it. It might take a long time. Its a long book and the language can be kind of hard to understand, (I had to read each paragraph 2 or 3 times for it all to make sense) but if you keep a dictionary and your scriptures handy, its possible and it is such an amazing book! Anyway, thats all the time I have for today. I love you all!
Elder Spencer Grant Harbold

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